EPA/CARB Compliant Wing System with VorBlade Cab System


VorBlade Wing™ system with Crosswind Mitigator™ subsystem is EPA SmartWay Verified for 5%++ category. VorBlade Wing™ is all you need to meet CARB trailer aerodynamic requirements!

  • o   Improves fuel consumption by over 7.5%  
  • o   One of the lowest cost EPA SmartWay Verified Solutions
  • o   Exempt under DOT width and length exclusion 23 CFR 658
  • o   Improves safety, gives you 50% increase in aerodynamic stability
  • o   No maintenance or driver interactions required
  • o   Hard to break but easy to install, only 1 hour for two people
  • o   The only system on the market that effectively fights cross winds



VorBlade Cab System


Product ships  via UPS ground

Color selection applies only to the vorblade individual plastic units. If color is not selected for the trailer the default will be white.

EPA/CARB Compliant Wing System with VorBlade Cab System

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