VorBlade Trailer Wing (CARB/EPA SmartWay Verified)

VorBlade Wing™ system with Crosswind Mitigator™ subsystem is EPA SmartWay Verified for 5%++ category. VorBlade Wing™ is all you need to meet CARB trailer aerodynamic requirements!

  •   Improves fuel consumption up to 7.5%  
  •    One of the lowest cost EPA SmartWay Verified Solutions
  • Weight 50 lbs
  • Exempt under DOT width and length exclusion 23 CFR 658
  • Improves safety, gives you 50% increase in aerodynamic stability
  • No maintenance or driver interactions required
  • Hard to break but easy to install, only 1 hour for two people
  •  The only system on the market that effectively fights cross winds

Product ships  via UPS ground

This system is available in:

Standard White 


Black, Blue or Red colors (please note for all colors exept white, lead time might be longer)

  • Light Weight:
  • CARB Compliant:

VorBlade Trailer Wing (CARB/EPA SmartWay Verified)

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